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A Chinese leading manufacturing company with ultimate solutions for memory foam products.

Ultimate & one-stop memory foam production technology

Lead Foam is one of the few factories in China with independent research and development of memory foam formula, we can help you overcome more technical challenges.

Lead Foam is a division for Foam Spirit Industrial Limited, a foam and sponge product manufacturer in China. Lead Foam is a sub-department created to serve the potential customers of one of our core products –  memory foam more refined.

The leader of Lead Foam’s  technical team have been engaged in formulation research and foaming technology innovation since the end of the 20th century, and were among the first technical personnel engaged in polyurethane foaming in China. His apprentices are all over the foaming factories in southern China.In short, as the source of technology, we can provide more technical support than any others.

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China’s innovation leader in memory foam technology, seamlessly offering solutions solving any memory foam application chanllenges you can’t get anywhere else.

Formula Development

Solve any odor, temperature, density, additives, flame retardant issues.

75 Public Models

More public mold products, small or 0 additional mold investment is required.

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We help our clients built high reputaions and become top sellers in corss platfoms.

High Capacity

2 semi-automatic production lines and one fully automatic curing production line.

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Our customers mainly include distributors, brand owners, and online sellers. They sold Lead Foam’s high-quality memory foam products online and offline, and gained a good reputation among users and enhanced brand influence.

Jim S.

“There are already many sellers selling similar products on Amazon. I want to thank Lead Foam. They helped me analyze several potential competitors, and offered some interesting ideas on improvements.”



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“I've been looking for a seat cushion that can reduce my lower back pain and my tailbone problem. Tried multiple products and they were either too flat or too high. This one is one of the best so far I've tried! I like the design that it has a little taller space at the end. That really helps to reduce the lower back pain. Recommend it!.”
Maria E.
Amazon Cushion Buyer
“I brought the cushion with me to a place that has hard-seated folding chairs. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive difference it made. Having two recent lumbar fractures, & disc degenerative disease, it hurts to sit any length in most chairs. I feel this was money well spent, and much more reasonably priced than the informercial! I recommend this for anyone with back issues, or even if you’d just like a more comfortable seat.”
Amazon Cushion Buyer
“It’s a really wonderful pillow... I had a hard time finding a pillow I liked because I hate memory foam but all cotton and down pillows felt flat after a while. This one is a great balance. That being said, when you get it please note that when you open it, it’s like a third of its actual size. I put all the extra stuffing in right away, not realizing it would inflate so much. Wait a few hours before determining if you need to add stuffing!! ”
Amazon Pillow Buyer

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