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In the bedding market, memory foam has always been a material favored by consumers due to its unique temperature sensitive and orthopedic characteristics. The memory foam bedding products made of eco odorless interior foam filling and skin-friendly cover fabrics are the keys to ensuring your business and brand reputations. For retailers and brand owners, which is particularly important.

In recent years, the memory foam materials used in bedding products have also been continuously innovated. From the original basic material, shredded filling version, to the later non-temperature and cooling gel material. It is very important today to choose products that suit your market needs, to make good packaging and branding differences.

We have deep roots in this field.

At Lead Foam, we understand the quality and technical challenges faced by bedding distributors and brands. With more than ten years of experience in memory foam foaming technology and branded customization methods, our excellent manufacturing capabilities can enable us to quickly and efficiently produce any of your customized and branded memory foam bedding products. Our batch and stable delivery quality and guaranteed time ensure that your brand gets the best performance.

Let us work together to bring more reliable memory foam products to your customers.

memory foam pillow


Multi-size molded or cut to sized memory foam pillows suitable for mostly people.

mattress topper memory foam

Mattress Toppers

Add an extra memory foam layer of cushioning to your bed that’s lost its plumpness.

Foam Bed Wedge


Fit the back curve of the body, suitable for people who need to lie down for a long time and read.