Memory Foam For Car

Effective pain relief solution for driving long distance or for a long time.

Drive two more hours.

For most drivers, especially those who drive trucks, driving for a long time will bring back pain, fatigue and other troubles. Maintaining this sub-healthy state of the body will develop into a chronic disease in the long term. As a typical technology transferred from aerospace to civilian use, memory foam is beneficial to protect the lumbar spine, maintain a healthy posture, protect the lumbar spine, and relieve the fatigue of driving.

As a car interior products brand and distributor, or any company type that provides on the way products’ wholesale and retail business. You need to provide your customers with sufficient support and effective products that compound the majority of the population. In addition, unique design and branding solutions enable you to create the key to your business reputation.

Solutions for all vehicles and all personnel.

The memory foam foaming technology used by Lead Foam belongs to the traditional polyurethane molded foam. In fact, we have been producing ca seat back cushion for automobiles for some car companies a long time ago, and we have also provided molded foam parts for bike seat cushion to bicycle export companies. These manufacturing processes require joint foaming of metal parts and polyurethane, which is more demanding for foaming technology and cost control. This means that it is easier for us to provide simple civilian molded memory foam driving and passenger products.

Lead Foam is also one of the developers of the classic Coccyx Cushion sold on Amazon. After being changed by a large number of merchants, it is still the best seller on the platform. In recent years, we have been following the market trend, constantly experimenting with new fabrics and outer cover processing techniques, perfecting the product line, developing and following up new polyurethane automotive products for driving and passenger use, and providing unlimited packaging and OEM services.

Let us work together to bring more reliable memory foam products to your customers.

memory foam car pillow

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