Health Care

Medical care products for physical injuries or rehab.

Use ergonomics to assist rehabilitation.

The advantages of memory foam materials in the field of medical care and sports injury recovery are very obvious. As a cushioning material with strong support, it can buffer the pressure of the damaged part and reduce the stress caused by stress stimulation Hurt. With its composite ergonomic design, it can evenly wrap the body during rehabilitation to ensure the smooth progress of rehabilitation.

For a long time, slow rebound material has been widely used in medical treatment and sports, but it is limited to professional fields. However, in recent years, with the diversification of sales platforms, more merchants have begun to try to bring medical grade memory foam products into the retail market, and have achieved an excellent reputation. The development of medical backrests, pillows, and cushions often requires a medical background and rich engineering research knowledge. Transforming the new ergonomic design based on clinical into actual products requires suppliers to have the corresponding knowledge reserves and production skills to achieve.

We can provide more technical support.

At Lead Foam, We have a professional team to help you transform excellent engineering product design into valuable products. Relying on technical precipitation and productivity advantages for injection molding and other foam processing. Lead Foam can quickly complete project evaluation, material configuration, and completion of preliminary samples. (Contains the protype and the first prenatal sample). Lead Foam is an innovative foam company. We are willing to provide policy support for your new design, such as the reduction of necessary new product mold fees, the purchase of matching accessories and other tests or experiments suitable for your application.

Let us work together to bring more reliable memory foam products to your application.

orthopedic cushion

Orthopedic Cushion

Therapeutic cushion for tailbone sciatica & back pain relief, use on wheelchair and office.

foot rest

Leg Rest

Relieve swelling, reduce edema, improve blood circulation, and support ligaments & muscles.

memory foam knee pillow

Knee pillow

Helps improve leg support and spinal alignment while sleeping, reduces pain.

neck brace pillow

Neck Brace

Provides limited cervical motion control, restricts head movement to help in fast healing of injuries.

foam footrest pillow

Foot Rest Cushion

Fit your foot shape perfectly, and help you relieve pain from knees, legs, hips and lower back.

Foam Bed Wedge


Fit the back curve of the body, suitable for people who need to lie down for a long time and read.