Memory Foam Slippers

Memory foam slippers will make you feel like you are walking on marshamallows.

Cozy, As you were wearing a Skechers or Boost.

Superb Comfy

The high density memory foam insoles brings super softness and comfort that traditional home shoes can't give.

Anti Slip

Non slip rubber sole for step outside to pick up morning paper , walk the dog, watering the flowerbed and so on.

odour Free

Comfort shoes does not contain a strong irritating chemical plastic smell and does not cause harm to the body.

Premium Raws

The core material that brings comfort - "memory foam", is made of high-density materials and is not easily broken.

Best houseshoes for both men and women.

Effectively reduce foot stress and make your feet get rest after a long day hard work, Also perfect choice for travel and holiday use.


Selected high-density memory foam pads ensure that the heel will not collapse, provide excellent cushioning and support, reduce pain when standing and protect your feet


Soft flannel lining can ensure maximum comfort and warmth. After putting it on, you never want to take it off again.

memory foam slipper


High-quality fabric upper, combined with waffle woven surface design, has excellent breathability, moisture wicking function, and keep your feet dry and odorless


The slippers can be placed in the washing machine for washing without deformation.

Custom Size

Custom made memory foam slippers meet with US, UK size chart; Innovative styles available.

Unlimited Fabrics

You could choose to use existing fabrics or we help you sourcing special customized fabrics.

Custom Soles

Customize the non-slip sole materials and corrugations you need for innovation slipper solutions.


300 PCS to start for stock models. 2000 PCS are required for brand customization and shelf ready products.

Hot-selling memory foam slippers We carry

Take a look at these popuplar slippers made with memory foam. These are available for wholesale and cusom made.

Memory foam travel pillow


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Memory foam travel pillow

Flip Flops

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Body Pillow


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“Feels like I am walking on a cushy floor. I am overweight and have a bad knee and these are so comfortable I had a couple of times wore them to do a couple of local errands and I usually wear my tennis shoes! One of my best purchases..”
“I have tried so many slippers. The memory foam always breaks down within a few days. Not these. 2 months later the memory foam is just as thick and comfy as the first day. I have washed snd dried them. They came out perfect. I love these slippers. .”
“I really like these house shoes because of the fit and they are really comfortable on the feet. As a diabetic I really like the sole on the shoe. It is thick enough I do not have to worry about cutting my foot on anything on the floor I can not see.”

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