Full Catalogue of memory foam products.

memory foam pillow


Pillows for bedding, orthopedic, travel, baby etc.,

Foam Bed Wedge


Cushion for orthopedic, travel, decorations, outdoor etc.,

foam topper

Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress toppers, outdoor camping etc.,

memory foam slipper


Home and office use foldable sofa , flip flops;

memory foam dog bed

Dog Bed

Pet sleep and relax foam bed and mattress;

memory foam bath mat rug


Memory foam anti slip bath mat rug and anti dust/water kitchen mat;

memory foam ear buds plugs

Ear Buds

Molded memory foam ear buds for various earphones;

memory foam insole


Orthopedic memory foam soles for rehab stage and sports;



Non memory foam merchandise, manufactured or sold by us;

Custom Memory Foam

As a flexible foam producer with a long history and leading development capabilities, Lead Foam has the ability to meet your different application requirements.

01. Foaming Formula Development

Calculate the formula and determine the process according to the technical sheet or analysis of the actual sample.

02. Quick Protype and sampling

Quickly use gypsum material to outline the product shape, and quickly make a formal model.

03. Stable and secure quality

Internal and external documented quality control and professional quality control departments.