Travel & Outdoor

Provide a moment of relaxation for your adventure trip.

Portable as you go.

For people who like outdoor sports, it is a very common thing to eat and sleep in the remote wild. But no one wants to go on a long hike or climb a mountain with a lot of packages. The portable memory foam bedding products has the characteristics of low quality, squeezable storage, and durability. After a tiring day, memory foam has a very obvious effect on relieving fatigue and pain, and it can help outdoor enthusiasts to regain energy quickly and embark on the journey of the next day.
For those who are too busy with work, study and other affairs, and need to shuttle frequently in various transportation. The memory foam portable pillow and backrest can effectively relieve fatigue in a short time.

Provide you with high-quality portable products.

At Lead Foam, we understand the quality and technical challenges faced by outdoor products distributors and brands. With more than ten years of experience in memory foam foaming technology and branded customization methods, our excellent manufacturing capabilities can enable us to quickly and efficiently produce any of your customized and branded memory foam travel products. Our batch and stable delivery quality and guaranteed time ensure that your brand gets the best performance.

Let us work together to bring more reliable memory foam products to your customers.

camping topper

Foldable Mattress

Multi-size molded or cut to sized memory foam pillows suitable for mostly people.


Travel Pillows

Add an extra memory foam layer of cushioning to your bed that’s lost its plumpness.

eye mask

Foam Eye mask

Fit the back curve of the body, suitable for people who need to lie down for a long time and read.